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About the Meta-Data REST API

This is the SIP Expert Catalogue Management API (Meta-Data REST API) of the Spatial Information Platform (SIP) of the SWITCH-ON EU FP7 collaborative project.

Meta-Data REST API

Besides the functionalities for providing access to a meta-data catalogue, the SIP Expert Catalogue Management APIs provide advanced functionalities to SIP Expert GUIs for manipulating the meta-data catalogue, including import of meta-data and the (semi-automatic) creation of meta-data from open-data, and advanced functionalities not supported by the catalogue standards. Meta-data are served in accordance with the Standard Information Model of the SIP. The Meta-Data REST API is implemented by SWITCH-ON partner cismet on basis of the cids server components of the cids system a set of web services.

Accessing the Meta-Data REST API

The Meta-Data REST API can be found at

Technical Documentation

Currently, the following technical documentation regarding the SIP Expert API is available:


Binaries (development builds) and source code are available on the Artifactory and GitHub repositories.


The following video showcases the features of Meta-Data REST API

Reporting Problems

Please report any problems or bugs related to the SIP Expert Catalogue Management Java API by using the GitHub Issue Tracker.